Highlights for McAfees Q2 Threats Report

  • Security

Today, McAfee released the McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2011, which focuses on the latest facts and trends of malware, cybercriminal activity, and knowledge-based authentication. The report is 24 pages in length, so we have compiled the highlights for you to be able to apply to your fraud prevention solutions.

  • Malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76% since last quarter
  • Most attacked mobile operating system
  • 2011 busiest ever first half of a year ever: 12 million unique malware samples
  • 22% increase over 2010
  • First-ever appearance of Mac fake AV (fake anti-virus)
  • Significant uptick in rootkits
  • 65 million malware samples in McAfees database
  • Estimated it will reach 75 million by years end
  • Stealth malware* is demonstrating recent steady growth: up almost 38% over 2010
  • SPAM is at historic low levels
  • Cybercriminals are purchasing bulk lists of emails. See graphic.

*Stealth malware is the tactic of hiding malware in a rootkit, which is used by cybercriminals to make it harder to detect and more persistent.