Google Places and Fraud Prevention

  • Fraud Prevention

What do you do online to make sure your companys identity has a good reputation? Google Alerts? Google your company name? Social media monitoring? These are all great identity verification tools to use to make sure the information is accurate and to know what is being said about your company. But do you monitor your Google Places?

If you dont, you need to. Its childish, but anybody can report your business as closed. Google hasnt released their algorithms or process as to how many times a business has to be reported as closed to be marked as permanently closed, but the New York Times reported that search consultant and blogger Mike Blumenthal and a friend closed Googles offices in Mountain View, California with only a couple of clicks.

Since this happened, Google has said they are working on providing better tools and fraud prevention solutions like an email alert. However, it has not been executed. So this is why its important to keep an eye on your companys Google Places page.