Fraud Prevention for Distance Learning

  • Fraud Prevention

The Internet grew from a computer network designed by scientists and other researchers to share their work. This information superhighway has developed into a critical tool for everyone to gain knowledge, market goods and services, and find entertainment. Not surprisingly, one of the many significant services available is distance learning. From the comfort of your home, on your schedule, it is now possible to learn much more than in a high school or university. You can take online college classes, participate in online tutorials almost anything you can do in the classroom or the workplace.

If you desire interaction with people in addition to reading information and testing yourself, thanks to modern technology you can see a video of a teacher, now, with the advent of Skype, you can verbally ask questions in addition to sending e-mails or posting questions and responses.

Since the student isnt physically present, ID verification becomes even more important. Verifying the ID of someone you never see is particularly difficult. As with all other Internet businesses, online fraud prevention is a must for any business utilizing the marketplace. Of course, where there is fraud, its evil twin identity theft may also be present. To guard against these dangers, fraud prevention tools are particularly important. Since very few businessmen have the time or expertise to combat these serious problems, expert help is needed. As the name implies, Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) is an excellent provider of this crucial service.

IdentiFlo Managementis designed to alleviate the risks associated with the innovation of Distance Learning. The product allows the client to access and monitor any stage of the distance learning experience. Through powerful fraud prevention tools and internal control features, the IdentiFlo Management package gives your corporation security it needs to safely navigate the Distance Learning marketplace.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]