Fraud Prevention Needs to be Upped in Sweden

  • Fraud Prevention

According to David Jacoby, a Kaspersky Lab Expert, there was a 3700% increase in JavaScript-based redirection scripts in Sweden during the month of September. The majority of these malicious redirectors were The code redirects users to another URL with minimal difference so users are not alerted to do an address verification. And it went from the 908th to the 15th most detected ID verification malware in Sweden.

Jacoby also reports that in October, there have been seven new variants of exploits attacking Swedish users. It is noted there are more Java exploits than PDF exploits. The newly found exploits are:


  • Exploit.JS.Pdfka.ezg
  • Exploit.Java.CVE-2010-0840.dc
  • Exploit.Java-CVE-2010-0840.df
  • Exploit.Java-CVE-2010-0840.dn
  • Exploit.Java-CVE-2010-0840.dd


We want to remind you for the best fraud prevention tools, make sure all of your applications are up to date. This includes Adobe, Java and any other security updates.