Fraud Prevention In The Gaming Industry

  • Fraud Prevention

Money laundering, fraudulent deposits, charge backs and cheating are all threats posed against the gaming industry. A lot of gaming e-commerce platforms lack standardized online identity verification and authentication tools to prevent fraud. Cyber criminals can surpass security measures through card fraud, identity theft and misrepresentation, which makes retaining customers hard and gives your company a bad reputation.

When setting up the gamer registration process, gaming companies should ensure secure authentication and verification solutions are implemented. Solutions like IdentiFraud help detect fraudulent activity within a companys system. Fraud prevention tools help with identification procedures and verification of individual users. Limiting the number of credit cards that can be used within the game can also reduce card fraud. When necessary, perform deep investigations of risky accounts as part of your companies risk management.

EVS provides cost effective and beneficial fraud prevention solutions that assist in verifying and authenticating users so your company can flag suspicious cases with unusual activity.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]