Facebooks Timeline is a Fraud Prevention Nightmare

  • Fraud Prevention

One of the most recent announcements Facebook has made is the introduction of Timeline, which will feature recent status updates but also summarize past events and feature the most important ones on a single page. a fraud prevention nightmare. This Timeline can be accessed by any of your friends, or if your privacy settings arent locked down potentially anyone.

If you havent taken precautions to limit your Facebook profile to only be viewable by your friends, we urge you to make this change now. And we also urge you to take a look at who your friends are on Facebook.

The reason we suggest youre cautious about your friends list is because the Timeline is going to be a gold mine for anybody who wants information about you. Family names, high school names, pet names, favorite sports teams, and favorite cities these will all be accessible on a single page in the Timeline and can be used in knowledge based authentication questions for ID validation.

So take a look at your friends and limit the people you dont absolutely trust with information that could be used against you. And a second step is to always use a secure password. Dont use a password that is associated with your name, favorite sports team, anniversary date, etc. Basically, dont use a password that someone can figure out by looking at your Timeline.