Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) Expo April 17-19

  • Fraud Prevention, Security

Today, professionals, vendors, and suppliers will gather in Las Vegas for the 2012 ETA Annual Meeting and Expo. The expo will feature various keynote speakers that will discuss trends, creative solutions, and changes in the industry. The expo is designed to bring businesses, companies, and experts together to form partnerships and valuable relationships that may serve a purpose later down the road. The ETA board of directors is composed of professionals from the payment industry including bank officials, consultants, and company representatives. The speakers include experts from Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Verifone, and many more. The expo will feature a diverse amount of seminars that address some of the pressing issues in the industry. From social payments to compliance, it seems that any topic that affects the industry will be discussed.

With this many industry professionals coming together it is inevitable that security will be discussed throughout the expo. Yesterday, there was a seminar on Acquiring Payments Risk/Fraud Management: Tactics &Trends as a part of the preconference events. Later in the week other fraud prevention workshops will be given that address data security legislation and dealing with and preventing breaches. As a third party security provider for both domestic and international fraud prevention, it is our hope that everyone physically at the conference and following it online, will tune into the security seminars. With 2012 well underway, it is important that all stakeholders in the industry pay attention to the changing fraud prevention needs. While new technology and products usually steal the limelight, it is important not to forget about the security that will make the new technology efficient. Using extra layers in fraud prevention measures as outlined in the FFIEC Guidance, and cross examining security from channel to channel will help ensure your fraud prevention strategy supports all the exciting things discussed at the ETA Expo.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]