EVS Progress Report for 2012

  • Internet Fraud

August has quickly approached for all of us, especially at EVS. From the launch of the Premiere Partnership Program to attending the MWAA Annual Conference, EVS has been very active in keeping up with industry trends while serving their clients with the fraud prevention solutions they need. In a world that lives online and on their mobile devices, Internet fraud has become an increasingly big issue. With massive hackings and data breaches, identity verification and authentication have become more important than ever. Mobile banking and mobile wallets have also added to the identity fraud that is leading consumers and businesses down the road of destruction.

EVS President and CEO, Jeff Davis, has also created new blog this year to discuss current events and trends that are affecting the industry. With 2012s end in sight, Jeff has taken some time to reflect upon EVSs progress for the year.

What industry trends or changes have driven EVS progress this year? (EVS Marketing)

As for new customers, weve seen a surge in online startups and social media companies that need to verify customers.There seems to be a focus knowing your customers online and removing anonymity. Weve also worked hard to help prevent fraud in the cellular industry.(JD)

What was the area of most growth for EVS? What contributed to this?

Weve added several new partners that have opened up new markets. The core of our business revolves around finding great partners looking to add our solution to their overall product offering. Weve dedicated significant resources to ensure a great client experience.

What do see as the biggest area of opportunity for the remainder of the year?

Mobile payments and mobile wallets are a big focus right now. Starbucks recently announced a $25MM investment to take Square payments. We see an immediate need to help merchants protect against fraud. Theyre starting to listen to us.

Any new products or updates you can let us in on?

Well, were working on two additions to IdentiFraud Consumer that would be completelyrevolutionary in the marketplace. Since were still working with vendors on the capability, Im not able to discuss the details, however they are capabilities that no other Authentication Services provider will be able to offer.

What do you see for EVS in 2013?

2013 will be a record year for EVS.Well have several new products to offer next year.Weve decided to expand our offerings to include more tools to help our clients identify fraud and keep compliant.Were also planning on attending ETA, Prepaid and other shows after a brief hiatus.Were in a high-growth cycle that should continue for the next year.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]