Don't be a Statistic - Protect Against Online Fraud

  • Fraud Prevention

With 2013 in plain sight, it is important to protect your business and consumers going into the New Year. Even though it may seem premature, it is never too early to look into revising, revamping, or even creating a fraud prevention system for your online and mobile business. If suggestions arent enough, lets look at the numbers. Just in the first quarter of 2012, online fraud surpassed the numbers in 2010 by 200%. This doesnt necessarily mean that the Internet is more dangerous than it was a few years ago, it simply means that more people are putting their personal information at risk through online accounts. According to Experian, the average online user has 26 accounts with an average of only 5 passwords. This sharing of passwords has been one of the many factors leading to all of the online breaches this past year.

Thus far, more than 10 million online accounts have been hacked through various online websites and accounts. As 2013 quickly approaches, it vital that companies invest more in online security. And to those who dont already implement some type of fraud prevent, 2013 needs to be the year to start one. As more consumers are going online to check accounts, submit orders, bank, and much more companies must adapt their business models to accommodate for this. Identity verification and authentication should be at the core of every fraud prevention solution. These two factors play a big role in preventing fraud before it leads to a breach or hacking. By using identity authentication, only the true identity is able to access account information. So, dont be a statistic - look into identity verification and authentication for your business in 2013.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]