Cyber Security is Finally a Federal Priority

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Politics in D.C. have finally come together to discuss options for making Americas online infrastructure a safer place. Whispers about cyber security have been present in capital hill for sometime, but the executive branch has very recently become vocal about the need for increased security measures. Within the past month, President Obama has addressed congress to ask for its support in creating IT security best practices.

The role of the government in cyber security for businesses and individuals has created the biggest divide for lawmakers. Last year a Filibuster in congress prevented any significant Internet security laws from being passed. Fuel from China has been added to this fire, as there have been several accounts of Chinese intrusion into the intellectual property files of American corporations. We have more proprietary information than ever before online, which has created a large potential risk. It is imperative we reduce this risk as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

President Obama has addressed this issue to congress and has seen progress on both sides as they appear more willing to compromise. Many people initially thought cyber security was a passing matter, however, lawmakers now understand that digital attacks can do as much damage as physical attacks. Even though progress is being made, this issue cannot only be addressed at the federal level as it is relevant to all individuals. It is important for citizens to educate themselves on cyber security and take proactive steps to ensure their own safety. Fraud prevention solutions will become more important and more robust now that the government is scrutinizing online security. There is simply too much at risk to not be invested in online security. Like the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of solution.

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