Are Mobile Payments Too Confusing For Consumers?

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Mobile payments can be very convenient. However, what is simple to some people may seem hopelessly confusing to others. Although mobile payments used to be only available to the tech-savvy, the combination of easy-to-operate systems and improved knowledge has reduced this problem. Despite this, there will always be some people who will not understand mobile payments.

An all too frequent and extremely frustrating clich is a senior citizen who is determined to use the smartphone they were given as a gift to make a purchase. Despite best attempts, they cant quite figure it out. Eventually, they manage to swallow their pride and ask for help. Having a user-friendly electronic payments system with easy to navigate fraud prevention features will make these innovative solutions far easier to use. This is where EVS can help.

Ironically, it seems like just after the latest forms of mobile payments become familiar to most people, new ones are invented, which can initially be difficult for understand. Ultimately, it becomes the merchants responsibility to make sure the customers payment choices are as convenient as possible. The worst-case scenario is when a frustrated customer decides not to make a purchase rather than struggling with a confusing method of payment. This makes having a knowledgeable and patient staff more critical than ever. With the proper amount of effort from your staff, you can turn this potential problem into an advantage. The customer who has a positive shopping experience not only will make todays purchase, but also is more likely to the return in the future. When you become known as the most pleasant place to shop, more business will come your way. The best and most user-friendly technology will greatly assist you in your attempt to provide this pleasant experience. EVS can be critical in overcoming these challenges.

[Contributed by EVS Marketing]