Instant Card Owner Verification with AssurePay

AssurePay is a revolutionary tool in fraud prevention. This solution verifies consumer credit card information with consumer data at the beginning of the payment process — instead of while the payment is held for processing.

Now, your brand can easily reduce false declines, fraud, and operating expenses while increasing trust in transactions.

AssurePay’s quality processing helps merchants prevent expensive manual reviews and chargebacks. With this tool, you can make informed risk decisions that protect good customers and intercept bad actors. 


Key Features

Multi-Source Credit Card Verification

Verify card ownership with consumer data on card number (full number, BIN number, or last four), name, address, zip code, and phone number. 

Account Creation + Protection

Easily create user accounts, facilitate guest accounts, and prevent account takeovers. 

Fraud Detection

AssurePay identifies and flags fraudsters instantly to protect your company and your customers.

Consolidated or Separate

For an even more robust chargeback and fraud prevention solution, AssurePay can be bundled with our identity verification suite.


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