Protect Your Company’s Reputation and Prevent Fraud

EVS’ Adverse Media Search scans thousands of credible third-party data sources globally for negative news associated with an individual or company to help businesses to further uncover unfavorable information related to financial crime or situations that could pose a reputational risk to you and your business.

Scan Thousands of Media Outlets in a Single Search

In one simple search, EVS checks the name of the individual or company from over 15,000 credible media sources for articles and profiles featuring negative news from major media outlets and regional outlets alike.

Reduce Reputational Risk

Running an adverse media search returns relevant negative press matches and can help reveal your customer’s history with:

    • Financial fraud 

    • Money laundering 

    • Workplace Discrimination  

    • Drug trafficking 

    • Tax Crime 

    • Scams 

    • Sanctions  

    • People trafficking 

    • Corruption

    EVS also offers Custom Watch List capabilities, allowing you to upload your own list of high risk or high priority customers or industry lists to screen for adverse media.

    Take Due Diligence A Step Further

    Adverse Media Search helps you stay ahead of global KYC and CDD regulations, adding an extra layer of security to your customer screening process to detect any past or current activity that could indicate their involvement in illegal activities like money laundering, or terrorist financing.

    • The EU released new risk factors guidelines in the 4th AML directive, which urges companies to perform adverse media searches for high-risk customers as part of the Enhanced Due Diligence process.  

    • FATF Recommendations state that financial institutions should understand the client’s reputation, previous investigations related to money laundering or terrorist financing and when dealing with high-risk customers, an adverse media check is necessary.  

    • If deemed high-risk through standard due diligence procedures, FinCEN’s rules for Customer Due Diligence encourage further screening including Adverse Media Searches.

    Included with IdentiFlo

    Add Adverse Media Search into your IdentiFlo configuration to add an additional layer of due diligence to your risk-based screening process all in one location or purchase Adverse Media Search as a standalone product.


    Key Features

    Batch Processing

    Screen large lists efficiently by uploading a CSV file and screening all names (consumer and business entities) against selected lists.  

    Integration API

    XML Webservices make it simple to integrate Adverse Media screening into your current and future platforms.  

    Consolidated or Separate

    Adverse Media Search is available as a part of identity verification and corporate data verification transactions or as a stand-alone product. 

    Matching Thresholds

    Choose your tolerance for review based on the results list page where matches ranked by relevance up to 100 (exact match). 


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