Binary Eye

Value. Simplicity. Flexibility.

For over 15 years, EVS has provided a family of identity assurance products to help businesses combat identity theft, reduce cost, and satisfy compliance requirements. Our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to protect themselves and their customers from identity fraud, and we accomplish this by providing solutions that are cost effective, easy to use, and adaptable.

Choose EVS for Value

EVS provides some of the lowest transaction rates in the industry, no set-up fees, and no minimums for transactions. Our focus on long-term client relationships allows us to provide these lower costs without sacrificing product quality, maintaining our high standards for data precision, security, and customer experience.

Choose EVS for Simplicity

The IdentiFlo platform provides an intuitive user interface for our clients that don’t choose to integrate, and our API makes working with our solutions equally simple for those that do. Either approach allows EVS clients to access multiple products through a single transaction, including identity verification, dynamic KBA, and watchlist screening.

Choose EVS for Flexibility

We realize that businesses don’t have time to change their operations around a platform, so we’ve built IdentiFlo to adapt to our client’s operational requirements. With custom pass/fail transaction workflows, user-level product access control and access levels, adjustable dynamic KBA, and visibility options we make it easy to make our system work for you.

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