Preventing Fraud for Over 15 Years

Electronic Verification Systems, LLC (EVS) was founded in 1999 by a group of seasoned technology and business entrepreneurs with over 58 years of fraud prevention experience.

With identity verification and authentication solutions from EVS, businesses can determine whether the people they are talking to or transacting with are who they say they are. Our solutions combine specific products focused on preventing fraud for commercial operations.

We believe that by knowing more about their customers, employees, and partners, businesses can significantly reduce the incidence of identity fraud.  EVS’s identity authentication and ID verification solutions combine simplicity, flexibility, and value to empower businesses of all sizes to incorporate identity fraud prevention into their operations. 

Of course the best way to get to know EVS is to talk to us, or allow us to provide you with a one-to-one demonstration of our solutions.



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Age and Identity Verification Made Easy

Protecting your business from identity fraud doesn't have to be complicated. 



What Client’s Say

Businesses of all sizes use EVS for compliance and fraud prevention.

  • Brozovich

    "I have enjoyed being able to use your tool for Red Flag verification.  The system is simple to use and very precise.  We have never had any issues with the website being down or not functioning correctly.

    Also, thanks for your quick response any and every time I have any questions whatsoever."

    Stephen Brozovich - Autotrek

  • customer-3

    “They solved, and continue to do so, our challenges with key data areas that we market to. Team provides excellent support and communicate regularly keeping us up to date with latest trends.
    Services are clear and concise, without the white noise. Simply put, a fantastic organization to be dealing with.”

    Nolan Bolusan - 4Stop

  • customer-1

    "RealTime Fantasy Sports needed a verification service to meet increasingly-stringent state fantasy gaming regulations.   After a long search, we found Electronic Verification Systems the best service to meet our needs.   Eric and his staff have been fantastic, helping us verify hundreds of fantasy sports enthusiasts and keeping RealTime Fantasy Sports on the forefront of fantasy gaming compliance."

    Mark Hanna - RealTime Fantasy Sports Inc.


For over 15 years, EVS has provided a family of identity assurance products to help businesses combat identity theft, reduce cost, and satisfy compliance requirements.


When you need assistance, you don't want to talk to a machine. We will be there to make sure your fraud prevention and compliance efforts remain on track.

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Reasons to Choose EVS


Low monthly fee, low transaction rates, no set up fees and no minimums.


Access multiple functions with a single integrated transaction.


We’ve built IdentiFlo to adapt to your operational requirements, so you don't have to work around a platform.