IdentiFraud Solution Overview

Our IdentiFraud package is our most popular solution for domestic identity verification. Designed with the end-user in mind, IdentiFraud delivers a wide array of reliable consumer data based on a single lookup. While most of our competitors' solutions require users to purchase many individual products, which may each demand separate lookups, our IdentiFraud solution combines all of these products into one easy-to-use process—and all for one smart price.


IdentiFraud offers our clients a large range of valuable consumer data. Included within our IdentiFraud solution are the following reliable products:

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IdentiFraud+ acts as an upgrade to the IdentiFraud package. Along with the full suite of products offered with IdentiFraud, IdentiFraud+ delivers additional advantages to form our strongest collection of fraud prevention services.

These additional advantages include:

Advanced Residence Verification and History: Similar to IdentiFraud's Residence Verification and History product, Advanced Residence Verification and History confirms the customer's current address and also provides the customer's previous 12 addresses.

Individual Fraud Scoring: This product uses the data returned by your single lookup to produce an individual fraud score for each customer. This fraud score can deliver a clear understanding of the risk associated with each customer; with this information, you can set your own qualifying fraud score thresholds before engaging in consumer transactions.

These additions are designed to give our clients increased protection against fraud and identity theft. With IdentiFraud+, users receive more customer data and an incredibly efficient management tool to guide customer interactions. IdentiFraud+ combines the smart features of IdentiFraud with even more thorough customer and management information.